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Artificial Rocks: A Realistic and Beautiful Solution

Dekorra Artificial Rocks Fake Rock

Artificial Rocks have been gaining popularity throughout the years for its functionality and beauty. Rocks have always been part of garden decorating for creating paved pathways, borders, a main focus piece, and various other uses as well. Unlike traditional rock, artificial rocks are much lighter so it is easier to change the location of the rocks whenever you choose. Also some artificial rocks are hollow which allow for it to hide water-pumps, septic clean-outs, back-flow assemblies and other unsightly garden eye-sores.

Realistic and Beautiful 

New technology makes artificial rocks very realistic looking while making it light-weight. The rocks are also durable and harsh climate elements such as the sun or rain will not cause it to break or crack. It comes in all shapes and forms to accommodate your garden shape or designs in mind. A lot of the rocks mimic the colors of real rocks. The rocks are made from a blend of different colors just like real rocks. There are many different color schemes to choose from such as autumn bluff- a reddish light brown color, fieldstone- light heather grey color, riverbed- hues of soft purple, blue and grey, and sandstone- sandy beige shades. Any of these four shades will fit beautifully into your garden decor style!

fake rock

Functional Artificial Rocks

Artificial rocks come in various shapes and sizes to cover any garden eye-sores. They're small enough to hide small pumps and large enough to hide pressure tanks up to 60" tall! Use artificial rocks to seamlessly hide objects that do not match with your garden design. Shapes can range from rocks that are low and wide, tall and narrow, rectangular, triangular, or a cube shape. They are naturally shaped yet able to cover objects with ease. Rocks sizes range from small to extremely large. Some artificial rocks also come with an optional address plaque.

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