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How Long Have Thatched Roofs Been In Use?


Check out the history of thatched roofs and how they have gone in and out of use over the

Makeover Your Yard with Palapas


Create Your Own Tropical Oasis in Your Own Backyard What are palapas? Palapas are open structures made from thatch commonly used for backyard or resort designs. They are related to umbrellas but they are not the same! These beautiful structures create a wonderful space to entertain friends and family during the warmer months. Different Types

Lush Thatch for a Tropical X-Scape!

Thatch is a wonderful way to create the tropical escape you have always dreamed of! It is used in creating structures such as umbrellas or palapas. This material evokes images of a lush tropical resort or beach-side casual luxury. Styles of Thatch There are different types of thatch such as the Mexican palm or the

A Deeper Look into Artificial Thatch

Learn about Artificial Thatch! There are many different types of artificial thatch out in the market today. But how do you know what makes it good or bad? We’re here to help you decide the best type of artificial thatch for you! With modern technology and innovation, artificial thatch looks just like natural thatch. It

How to Decorate using Artificial Thatch

Artificial thatch is a cost-effective and beautiful alternative to natural thatch. At Backyard X-Scapes, we offer a variety of lush and gorgeous artificial thatch. There are several distinct types of thatch styles: Baja Palm and Zulu Reed from the Art Thatch line. These thatch are 100% recyclable and looks highly realistic. Variety of Thatch Pieces

How to Decorate with Mexican Thatch

If you have decided to decorate your backyard with a tropical theme, you may be looking for exciting decorating ideas. While there are many ways to decorate with a tropical theme, one of the most authentic options is to use Mexican thatch. Mexican thatch is a material that has a straw or hay-like appearance that

Why You Should Buy Thatch Roof Material from Backyard X-Scapes

Thatching is a time-honored practice that many civilizations around the world have been using for centuries. Through this practice, reeds, palm leaves or other types of vegetation are sewn or tied together, and the material then provides protection from the elements, privacy and other key benefits. It is most commonly found on the roofs of

Where to Buy Palapa Thatch Replacement

If you have a palapa on your property, you undoubtedly love the distinctive characteristic that it adds to your space. Palapas are generally found on tropical resorts, water parks and other related venues. When used in a backyard setting, such as near a swimming pool, they can add significant amount of flair. A palapa can

Why Using an Artificial Thatch Roof is a Great Alternative

Thatch is a beautiful material that can be used to implement a tropical theme in your backyard or patio area. It is ideal for use around pools as well as in lushly landscaped yards that use tropical vegetation. The material may be used for everything from roofs on palapas and cabanas to umbrellas and more.

How to Thatch a Roof

If you want to install a structure with a thatched roof, you need to know how to thatch a roof. Thatching is a practice that has been used in many civilizations around the world that some sources indicate the practice dates back to the Bronze Age. This is a method that is used to install