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The Advantages of Bamboo


The name “bamboo” was derived from the Kannada term bambu of South Indian State. It is one of the fastest growing plants in the world because of the unusual rhizome-dependent system. It comes from the family Poaceae, a tribe of flowering perennial evergreen plants that has an estimated number of 1500 species. It can be

What to do with Bamboo?


1: Use bamboo poles as plant supports. 2: Use bamboo poles for decorations. 3: Make a bamboo fence. Backyard X-Scapes carries already pre-wired bamboo fencing that is easily put up with additional hardware. The pre-wired bamboo fence is great because it can be used indoors or outdoor. They can also be fitted on the front of

How Long Have Thatched Roofs Been In Use?


Check out the history of thatched roofs and how they have gone in and out of use over the

15 Ideas for an Amazing Backyard


Your backyard should be your sanctuary from the world. To have an amazing backyard, it will probably take a little bit of work, but it will definitely be worth it. We’ve created this list of 15 ideas that can take your backyard from boring to amazing. Don’t worry about doing everything. Just work with the

Tips for Implementing Faux Rocks into Your Landscaping


Many landscapes can see a benefit in their visual appeal and overall ambiance by implementing artificial rocks in their design. While there are tons of reasons to choose artificial rocks over natural stones or boulders, it may be a little more difficult to adequately integrate artificial rocks into your yard if you aren’t familiar with

Boost Your Bamboo Fencing with Wood Stain!


How To Choose the Right Wood Stain Have you considered adding wood stain to your bamboo fencing? Bamboo fencing comes in two unstained colors: natural and natural black. Enhance the natural color of bamboo by adding a wood stain to it. We recommend that you use Total Wood Protectant (TWP)-Light Cedar for natural colored bamboo fencing. For

Transform Your Backyard with Simple Planters


Easily Update your Yard with Planters One of the quickest ways to update your backyard is to add planters! They easily structure your yard. Planters are perfect for all yard sizes. For large yards, it will add dimension and fill open spaces. For small yards, planters will make the yard organized which will give it a

Tropical Decor: The 5 Pieces You Need This Summer


The Five Essential Tropical Decor Pieces Kick your summer up a notch by adding some beautiful tropical decor! Choose from five key pieces such as tiki statues, tiki signs, bamboo signs, matting, and don’t forget tiki torches! With these gorgeous accessories, summer time will feel like a tropical oasis. Tiki torches are a great addition to

Makeover Your Yard with Palapas


Create Your Own Tropical Oasis in Your Own Backyard What are palapas? Palapas are open structures made from thatch commonly used for backyard or resort designs. They are related to umbrellas but they are not the same! These beautiful structures create a wonderful space to entertain friends and family during the warmer months. Different Types

5 Ways to Add Artificial Rocks to Your Home


Artificial Rocks are Great for any Gardens Artificial rocks are the perfect addition to any home or business. Gardeners and homeowners that need a cover to hide unsightly garden eyesores turn to artificial rocks. This is a great method in creating a seamless landscape that looks very natural as well. Artificial rocks are very easy