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Silva MacBook Pro Case Combines Business-Chic with Eco-Chic

Over the past several months, we have kept you up to date on all things bamboo. From computer packaging made from recycled paper and bamboo to bamboo computer and iPhone shells or cases. Bamboo is gaining popularity in all sectors of the economy for its green growing practices, strength, beauty and versatility. The latest and greatest “green” computer accessory is the bamboo laptop case for the MacBook Pro.

The Silva MacBook Pro case is built to fit the 13” or 15” MacBooks and is made entirely of eco-friendly caramel-colored bamboo. The solid bamboo case weighs about 2 pounds after it is cut, assembled and sanded by hand. A leather handle is also entirely handcrafted, providing a comfortable and secure grip. The bamboo fiber is accentuated with tung oil and finished in polyurethane to harden the case and make it shine. The briefcase style carrier is lined with wool to protect the computer from scratches and provide additional resistance to impact, even if the case itself doesn’t make it through a hard fall.

So if you’re looking to further “green” your way of life or just your office, consider investing $180 in a solid bamboo MacBook case. The company is looking to expand into other cases for Apply products soon; keep your eyes peeled for more eco-friendly tech updates.

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