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Recycle and Re-Use Your Holiday Decor Throughout the Year

Happy New Year everyone!  It's that time again for resolutions, starting fresh and of course putting away the holiday decor, which for some reason always seems a lot more arduous then putting it up.  This year before you pack everything up, or trash your tree and broken ornaments, support the green movement by re-using or recycling the holiday decor.

After each holiday season, one of the biggest items to unfortunately end up in the landfill is Christmas trees.  The ideal solution is to promote the use of artificial trees that could be re-used or keep a tree planted that can not only be re-used but also grow with the family.  If you have a cut tree that is in need of disposing of, look up local recycling centers that you can drop your tree, wrapping paper, paint and more to be recycled.   If you can trim your tree down to smaller pieces, many areas now offer recycling pick up.

Over the years of holiday decorating, many of us end up with mis-matched ornaments or even broken ones from storing and moving.  Rather than throwing them out, or purchasing new matching sets each year, take broken ornament pieces and fill a vase with other mixed ornaments to reflect color and create a surface centerpiece for any table.

(image from freshome)

Instead of buying new art, why not create it?  Pick up a canvas at your local art store, spray with adhesive and sprinkle varying sizes of the broken ornaments to create an abstract and colorful art piece. Re-use your candles for dinner parties, as bathroom or even kitchen accents.

Holiday colors such as greens, reds, silvers and blues work wonderfully in contemporary color schemes.

(image from oregonlive)

Many home decor stores often sell pricey decorative balls to fill vases, accent bowls, or even hang from ceilings.  They are made from wicker, bamboo, wire and more.  Rather than purchasing abstract decorative items, save money and take the DIY (do it yourself) route.  Take the string of holiday lights that have burn out bulbs, cut off the lights and use the green wire to create various sized balls that you can make into a wreath for the following year or just as a table or wall accent.

View the entire tutorial here.

Stringed lights can be used for more than just your roof and Christmas trees.  Restaurants such as Rubios use white or colored LED lights to accent their tropical decor or dinner setting.  You can line them under your Thatch Umbrella to provide dining light at night and add ambiance.

So with this New Year, in addition to your resolutions and plans, take time to support going green and re-use or recycle your holiday decor.

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