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Choosing the Right Outdoor Furnishings

Thatch umbrella When it comes to a house, it's often forgotten that "home" extends beyond just the walls, windows and doors. Our front and backyards are an extension and reflect the style and care of the home we live in. Whenever planning a new landscape or outdoor design project, one of the most important aspects in outdoor decor is furnishing. Depending on the size of your outdoor space, there are various types of outdoor furniture and possibilities to best suit your needs. Just like when you first start a landscaping project, with choosing outdoor furnishings you must start with main focal areas. Main focal areas could be entertainment spaces, structures, or even a visually stimulating accent to your space. Here are some great, economical and eco-friendly ideas for furnishing your outdoor space.

Tiki Bars- Barstools

Tiki Bar

Tiki bars add a tropical and fun flavor to any backyard. They provide a central location perfect for conversations, serving drinks and entertaining. Tiki bars create a visual dynamic by providing a point of interest for eyes to be drawn to, without taking up too much space. Another great feature is while you are grilling food on the barbecue, the Tiki bar can help conserve BBQ counter space by providing an area to serve drinks and snacks from. Various Tiki bars come with drawer space, rear shelving, and you can even place hooks to hang cups or tropical decor from. Some great accessories include Tiki signs, colorful tropical figures, wind chimes or even lights. Pair your Tiki bar with some Bamboo barstools and you have a complete space for entertaining guests.

Thatch or Umbrella Kits

Thatched Roof

One "green" factor in installing outdoor coverings and structures such as thatch umbrella kits or bamboo patio roofings, is that they help in keeping your home cool by providing shade, or warm by blocking winds and insulating heat. This aids in reducing the use of energy and in turn also saving you money. Mexican Thatch is a great way to give your backyard that big makeover, without the big budget.

After choosing your main point of focus, decorating the rest should be easy. The idea is to work around your dudget and to keep your landscape un-cluttered, simple and inviting. Outdoor furniture such as bamboo benches, rugs and lawn chairs, or Tiki stools, can create a relaxing and unique island environment without taking up too much space, requiring too much upkeep, or being the typical type of backyard furniture. The idea with outdoor furnishing or any type of landscape decor is to create a space you can escape to and enjoy.

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