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Lush Thatch for a Tropical X-Scape!

thatch umbrella cover pool side

Thatch is a wonderful way to create the tropical escape you have always dreamed of! It is used in creating structures such as umbrellas or palapas. This material evokes images of a lush tropical resort or beach-side casual luxury.

Styles of Thatch

There are different types of thatch such as the Mexican palm or the African reed. The Mexican style is the most popular thatch used by resorts, businesses, and homes. With its golden hues and plush look, it's not surprising that this style is the favorite choice amongst builders and designers. The Mexican Palm exudes a rich yet laid-back atmosphere, perfect for pool-sides. For a truly unique look, the African reed thatch is a great style. With a cleaner look than the Mexican palm, the African reed comes in gorgeous blends of tans, greens, and browns. Aesthetically pleasing, African reed stands out with its crisp and thicker look.

Essential Components

Thatch can come in different components of panels, runners. and a top cone. Each component is essential when creating an umbrella or a palapa structure. Thatch is also a great material for creating tiki bar or hut roof. Slowly start creating your structure by alternating between runners and panels to create a desired thickness. Create that luxurious and plush look with our Mexican or African thatch. Top off umbrella structures with a matching top cone for a finished look. As a bonus, panels and runners could be used separately as decoration! Line tables or walls with thatch for that extra punch in your tropical or beach themed parties.

Bamboo thatch umbrella

Environmentally Friendly

Thatch is a sustainable resource. Reeds and palms are constantly growing without a need for replanting and disrupting eco-systems. Fortunately, once you are done using thatch, it is bio-degradable. Meaning you can recycle it! Installation is also an easy process that doesn't require chemicals or any non-green factors.

Create your own tropical thatch backyard x-scape with us! We offer the highest commercial-grade thatch available in the United States. If you have any questions, please call toll free (866)-222-1422 or chat on our website with our knowledgeable and friendly staff!

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