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How to Care for Your Tiki Statue

Extending from Polynesian culture, Tiki statues have a magical way of adding island flavor and charm to any tropical design.  Had crafted from authentic Coco Palm trees, each statue is made to represent and house different spirits to spread good luck, love, fortune and even protection. Even though Tiki statues are durable and weather resistant

How to Maintain and Care for Your Fountain

There are many joys when it comes to the owning a water fountain. Water features have been used for centuries to adorn courtyards belonging to royalty or accent government establishments. Today, fountains and water accents provide a design and decorative essence in homes, gardens, corporate structures, landmarks and more. There is a certain calmness that

Decorating a Small Space

The sentimental saying “Home is Where the Heart is” holds such truth especially when it comes to personalizing and dressing up the place you live in. Whether your home is a house with a back yard, an edgy loft or an uptown studio, style and décor are never limited by spatial boundaries. There are common

How to Care for Your Bamboo

Durability, a natural aesthetic and versatility to compliment almost any environment or décor are a few of the features that make Bamboo such an ideal building material. Bamboo fencing in particular can conveniently cover an old fence, accent a wall, or serve as a gate to separate varying spaces. With a little creativity, accurate measurements

Home Remedies for Pest Control

In addition to longer days and warmer temperatures, summer seems to also bring out a lot of un-welcomed pesky visitors in and around your home. Insects seek refuge from the heat and can find a world of resources and food supply in your home. Chemical pesticides are available to take care of these invaders but

Decorating in a Day – 5 Steps to Brightening Your Backyard

Some of the greatest things about summer include longer sunny days and spending time enjoying life with those we love. Summer getaways are grand but arranging the time and budget can be another job in itself. What if you could have your own stay-cation this summer, where you could create a little bit of paradise

How to Create Your Own Backyard Tropical Paradise

Often time’s people get intimidated about landscaping or tackling a project, but creating a tropically themed backyard can actually be fun and easy. Backyard furniture can add life and style to any backyard. One of the first ways to get started is by first evaluating the size of the space being enhanced and then an