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How to Thatch a Roof

If you want to install a structure with a thatched roof, you need to know how to thatch a roof. Thatching is a practice that has been used in many civilizations around the world that some sources indicate the practice dates back to the Bronze Age. This is a method that is used to install dried palm leaves, cane reed or other materials to a structure. It generally is used to create shade and to offer protection from the elements. While thatching is still used as a roof material for residential shelters like homes and huts around the world, it is also used as a decorative roofing material for palapa bars and tiki-style huts. Lets learn how to thatch a roof.

Know What You Want

One of the first things that you need to know when learning how to thatch a roof is what type of thatch you want to use. Go to our thatch page to see examples of different styles of thatch. There are different styles available, such as bushy Mexican thatch, reed-style African thatch and Tahitian thatch that is grayish and grassy. Each will create a different look, and some may be more easily trimmed and cut down to size than others.

Build the Frame and Attach the Thatch

Next, you will need to build the frame of your structure. You should understand that the roof should have a basic frame as well as cross sections. Some people will lay down plywood or another material across the entire roof before attaching a thatch material to it. Others will simply place cross beams with an appropriate space across each beam. The thatch can then be attached to the cross beams by nails or wire. Factors such as the need for weather-resistance should be considered when determining which type of frame to install.

Thatch is Easy to Work With

As you do the work yourself and learn how to thatch a roof you realize how easy it really is because thatch is generally a material that is very easy to work with. It simply needs to be fastened to the roof in a manner that will hold up well to high winds that it may be exposed to from time to time. Many types of thatch are designed to provide you with at least five to ten years of use, and this makes it ideal for use as a decorative roofing material.

If you are interested in learning more about the different styles of thatch available, visit our thatch products page. Browse through the photos to get creative decorating ideas, and read product descriptions then place an order.

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