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Hide Anything in Your Backyard

Do you ever look out into your backyard and wish that that unsightly eyesore ruining your perfect landscape would magically disappear? Artificial rocks are a perfect to solution to any visual conundrum. With both natural looking and aesthetically appealing they are also durable, sturdy and ready for anything. As they come in a variety of shapes and colors, the ideal fit is not difficult to find. Here are some ideas for how to take your backyard or walkway from an eyesore to eye candy.

Hide Outdoor Plumbing
Use a rock to hide ugly centrifugal pumps, irrigation valves or septic lids or cleanouts. These outdoor necessities definitely have their purpose in our lives and we probably would miss them if they were gone; however, we don’t necessarily have them in sight for them to do their job. Not only do they take away from the visual purity of our landscapes, but they can also be dangerous if located in a busy walking area or if small children play near them. A low to the ground rock is an easy solution. Not only does it eliminate the eye sore, but it can also completely change the focal point of your landscape. Now, instead of wishing the traces of indoor plumbing would disappear, you can easily forget about them.

Address Plaques
Do people visiting your home ever complain that they can’t read the faded address number spray painted on the curb or can’t find the numbers hung next to the garage? Make things easier for everyone by installing an address plaque rock. The unique flat surface lends itself nicely to the addition of numbers or characters while the size, shape and color of the rock still look and feel like the real thing. Add a solar powered lighting source next to the rock and never hear a guest complain about driving aimlessly up and down the street looking for your house again.

Pool equipment
We all love our backyard pools...or our neighbor’s pools. Again though, there are certain upkeep and plumbing realities that may spoil the aesthetic beauty we’ve tried so hard to achieve in our backyards. Pool filters, pump equipment and even large wells can be completely hidden from view with some of the larger rock models. So instead of trying to camoflague unattractive hardware with a good imagination, simply cover the whole thing up with a easy-to-install and readily relocated rock.

Rocks aren’t the only way to hide all those things you’d rather not look at. A unique turtle or frog shaped hose hider makes outdoor clean-up a snap while cleverly disguising clutter and potentially dangerous gardening tools and hoses. Stop looking at shovels, picks, trowels and hoses strewn about the yard and hide them nicely, neatly and cleanly under a cute little garden animal.

Sometimes you just need to change the flavor of your backyard, or decorate an empty space. A rock can be an understated accent to a garden scene or a flower bed that will not take away from the natural beauty. The authentic colors and real life shapes make these rocks perfect additions to any patio, backyard or walkway and can be easily moved as easily and as often as you change your mind.

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