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What to do with Bamboo?


1: Use bamboo poles as plant supports. 2: Use bamboo poles for decorations. 3: Make a bamboo fence. Backyard X-Scapes carries already pre-wired bamboo fencing that is easily put up with additional hardware. The pre-wired bamboo fence is great because it can be used indoors or outdoor. They can also be fitted on the front of

Green Living ideas

Some people may think that living green means you have to give up a lot of luxuries and this is quite untrue! Everyone has that one piece of furniture that they claim in the house as “their chair”, and wouldn’t that be great if that piece was Eco-friendly as well. Great ways to make this

Wrap Without Waste

Christmas is less than two weeks away. Hopefully, everyone has completed all their holiday shopping, decorating and organizing. Now it’s time to wrap!! In our traditional “green” spirit, we have come up with suggestions to curb the another wasteful holiday habit: tossing tons upon tons of the wrapping waste in the garbage. Countless rolls of

Decorate for the Family and the Planet

As we decorate for Christmas this year, we are reminded of the joy of togetherness, the fond memories of Christmases past and the love we feel for all the friends, family and opportunities in our lives. However, we can also get carried away with the stress of hunting for presents in the overcrowded malls, scheduling

Instituting REAL Change

In the past, this blog has covered multiple topics: everything from “going green” to planning parties, from the benefits of bamboo to leading a healthy lifestyle and from progress in international environmental political practices to rejuvenating yourself after a long weekend. But something occurred to me on the way to work this morning: every week,

Marrying Carbon-Free Cars with Renewable Resources

Touting the benefits of bamboo is all in a day’s work here at Backyard X-Scapes. Although we were certainly not the first to exploit the benefits of bamboo with our eco-friendly, lightweight, durable and cost-effective bamboo products, the rate at which bamboo is achieving popularity is a-ok by us. As we have discussed before, bamboo

Product Spotlight: Method

You may have seen the sleek, modern bottles of Method cleaning supplies on the shelves at major retailers like Target and grocery stores like Albertson’s or Ralphs. However, aside from their eco-chic design, you may not know the difference between Method and other so-called “green cleaners.” While many companies simply typically paste the term “green”

Go, Fight, Green! Is Your Favorite Sport an Eco-Friendly Institution?

“Going green” surely seems to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue these days. We talk about going green in our everyday life, politicians talk about green initiatives, tax breaks are given to business large and small for implementing green practices and public relations representatives everywhere are touting how their respective clients are strengthening the

Japan’s Energy Obsession

Japan is fast becoming the most energy efficient country in the world. Since the Tohoku Earthquake in March 2011, Japan has increased its efforts decrease its dependence on nuclear energy. A radiation scare has forced the Japanese government and the world to seriously question the merits of nuclear energy while taking into account the potential

Speaking the Green Language

Words, phrases and their meanings are constantly evolving and changing as cultures find new experiences they need to describe. The dawn of the “Green Revolution” and its effect on our lexicon is no different. As our society places increasing importance on efforts made to “go green”, our language has expanded to include this new priority.