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Doing Home Fountains the Right Way

fountain for the home Credit: At Home in Arkansas Magazine

Types of Home Fountains

Adding fountains for your home is a huge benefit in terms of design and lifestyle. Your home is one of the most important place in your life  so why not invest in it? Home fountains are perfect for creating your own oasis that you can enjoy everyday. There are many types of fountains and it can be a bit daunting to choose the right one for your home. We'll help you walk through the steps of choosing the perfect fountain for your home!

Vacation in Your Own Home

Including a fountain in your home automatically enhances your home space. Home fountains create a beautiful and calm atmosphere. Not only are fountains aesthetically pleasing, but they are wonderful to listen to as well. After a long day at work, nothing is more pleasant than coming back to the cheerful and bubbling sounds of your fountain. During days off, it is the perfect background noise while reading a book or holding a get-together.

Home fountains aren't just restricted to your outdoor areas. Fountains can be added indoors for an extra source of interior decor. Create a focal point in your living or dining room by adding a wall fountain.

Add Fountains from Your Table to Your Yard

When people think of fountains, the first thing that comes to mind are extremely large and tiered fountains often seen in parks. That's definitely one type of fountain size option to consider but they come in many other sizes as well. Some fountains are even small enough to add on top of tables! If ground space is limited, why not also add a wall fountain? It creates just as a large impact as ground fountains but takes up less space.

Beautiful Designs

Home fountains can come in many different forms and textures. For a quiet garden look, a bird bath is both classic and elegant. Wall fountain styles range from classic Italian style to modern styles. These wall fountains can also come tiered if you want a certain wall to be a focal point. Statue fountains are another popular choice when it comes it traditional gardens. Modern sculpture and ball fountains are heavily used in contemporary homes for it's clean, simple, yet eye-catching lines.

Fountains are a great addition to your home, no matter the size or style. Turn your home into a place where you can dream and relax!

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