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A Deeper Look into Artificial Thatch

Artificial Thatch Umbrella Backyard X-Scapes

Learn about Artificial Thatch!

There are many different types of artificial thatch out in the market today. But how do you know what makes it good or bad? We're here to help you decide the best type of artificial thatch for you! With modern technology and innovation, artificial thatch looks just like natural thatch. It is able to mimic the different types of natural thatch such as the Mexican palm thatch or the African reed thatch. With this beautiful new type of thatch, why stick to old and environmentally harmful older styles of artificial thatch?

What is Artificial Thatch Made Of?

Older artificial thatch has traditionally been made from PVC. While it is a cheap and easy to produce PVC thatch, it unfortunately has a toxic lifecycle. These toxins have proven to pose a risk not only to human health but the delicate ecosystem on earth and the sea. The runoff of PVC is toxic and is extremely deadly when burned. What is runoff? Runoff is rain and other forms of water that rolls down the thatch. This runoff can get into dirt, sand, plants, the ocean, water supplies, and even on animals. It is extremely difficult to recycle since PVC is banned from landfills.

We now have the means to create an artificial thatch that is environmentally responsible as well. Artificial thatch can now be made with polypropylene (PP). This neutral plastic lasts 20 years in various climates and is impervious to moisture and pests. PP is biodegradable and is 100% recyclable. Through testing, the runoff is harmless in PP thatch. There is no need to add fire retardant to PP thatch. It will not quickly go up in flames like natural thatch nor produce deadly fumes like PVC thatch. Just like it's PVC counterpart, PP artificial thatch has a quick and easy install.

A Greener Outlook

With the world focusing on green products and renewability, more and more companies are switching to environmentally friendly materials. This includes theme parks, exterior designs, hotels, resorts, buildings, and other entertainment and hospitality industries. With the rise of new technology, PP artificial thatch is a cost effective and earth friendly material. Make an informative choice when it comes to purchasing your artificial thatch!

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