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Relieve Stress

Everyone is consumed by an overwhelming stress in their day to day lives. Whether it's due to school loans, work, family or your love life, there are many ways to reduce stress and thus give you a better and longer overall life.

A great way to reduce stress is by meditation. Most people overlook this because they feel like sitting and clearing your mind is a pointless act. These people fail to realize that if you remove yourself from a situation; it is easier to come back to that situation with a leveled head and a clearer understanding of how to fix the problem. It is very easy to meditate while doing almost any activity. Don’t buy into the fact that you have to sit alone in your room and do nothing, meditation can be done when you are out walking, waiting for an appointment, or even in the middle of a stressful business meeting. I have personally been taught by many public speakers to close your eyes and take three deep breaths before a speech. This process helps relieve stress or anxiety and physically helps you stand taller.

At first it may be a little difficult to clear your mind but with a little practice, it can be done in mere seconds. There are many ways to practice meditation, one is called guided meditation. This type is done by creating something that is pleasing to any of your senses, such as sitting in a park or the smell of fresh cut grass. If something pleases your senses then it is bound to put you in a good place mentally. A second way is to silently repeat a calming word or thought to keep your mind off of bad/stressful thoughts. Mindfulness meditation is the most common because you focus on breathing and letting your thoughts pass through your mind without judgment. It helps you gain increased awareness of the present and what you are doing in the moment. Yoga, Qi gong, and Tai Chi use physical movement to create a feeling of self-awareness along with focus on breathing. Transcendental meditation is what most people think of when they think of meditation, even though it is not the most commonly practiced. In this form of meditation, it is key to clear your mind and remain a perfect state of stillness. All these forms of meditation focus on clearing your mind and gaining a substantial amount of self-awareness.

Meditation is a simple way to relieve the stress that seems to continue to build in our everyday lives, improving our overall health and mood. A few quick minutes of which ever meditation suits you best will have you feeling like a brand new person who can take on any stressful situation because you have your hidden tool to help you through it, meditation.

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