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Decorating with Thatch Roofing

Home owners, restaurants, and hotels often use thatch roofing to enhance the authenticity of a tropical atmosphere. Thatching is a time-honored practice that is used for roof-making in tropical settings. It involves tying or sewing palm leaves or reeds together in tight fashion to create a rather impermeable roof. Its distinctive look can add tropical flair to any outdoor living area or patio. It is the ideal material for many homeowners to decorate with. Here a few things to consider when looking for thatch roofing material.

Choose Your Style

First, you should consider the style of thatch roofing that will fit the look you want. There are a few types of thatch and all of them have a very distinctive look. Tahitian thatch looks far different than Mexican thatch and African thatch. Tahitian thatch has more of a grayish color while Mexican and African thatch are golden brown. African thatch is more firm and straight, while Mexican thatch has fluff. There is also the option of authentic thatch or synthetic. Get the thatch roofing that fits the look and feel you desire. Backyard X-Scapes has an extensive selection of styles and one of the largest importers of thatch products.

Installation is Quick and Easy

In addition, you should consider the installation and maintenance requirements for each option. Artificial or synthetic thatch roofing will have the least amount of maintenance required. It is resistant to weather-related damage and pest infestation. Natural thatch on the other hand is also weather resistant and will last for many many years looking great. Some materials are easier to trim down to size and are resistant to fraying. It’s easy to find the thatch that is ideal for your project at Backyard X-Scapes.

Let Backyard X-Scapes Help

Thatch roofing is a wonderful feature to add to your space, and it can add a touch of tropical luxury to your yard like few other materials can. Whether you are decorating with thatch material for the first time or are replacing an existing thatch roof, Backyard X-Scapes can help with products and information. If you need help deciding on the right thatch for your project, contact us by phone, email, or chat. As one of the largest importers of thatch, we will be happy to answer all your questions.