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Decorating in a Day – 5 Steps to Brightening Your Backyard

Some of the greatest things about summer include longer sunny days and spending time enjoying life with those we love. Summer getaways are grand but arranging the time and budget can be another job in itself. What if you could have your own stay-cation this summer, where you could create a little bit of paradise right in your own backyard? The common obstacles that come up when it comes to re-decorating or sprucing up a space are time and money.

Just like the cooking shows that show you how to make meals with five ingredients or less, or in fewer than 30 minutes, we wanted to apply that same formula to decorating your backyard. There are five simple things that you can do, in less than a day, to brighten up your backyard and turn it into a place where you can escape from the rest of the world.


1) Cozying Up Your Patio
Being that your patio is the first thing you set foot upon when you walk into your backyard, it’s also the best place to start decorating. Your patio plays a big part in landscaping as it sets and starts the atmosphere for the rest of your yard. It is also a central gathering place where you and your family spend time. Accessorizing your patio with decorative art pieces such as tiki statues or a tiki bar, instantly transform the look of a space into a fun island theme. Accessories such as hanging art, wind chimes and vibrant colored throw pillows can also help paint some life into a dreary patio setting. Got some old patio furniture? Rather than spending a lot of money on new furniture, try restoring the pieces you have with some paint and accents. An old concrete table can be restored into a beautiful mosaic table with some old tile pieces.


2) Garden Life
Nothing gives a backyard more life and spirit than by adding life through garden decor. Plants have a magical way of painting a landscape with texture and color. For those that don’t necessarily have a green thumb, and don’t want to wait for the germination process, you can purchase plants that are already grown and transfer them to your garden. It’s important to choose plants based on your climate. For dryer areas, drought resistant plants will minimize your water expenditure and for colder areas perennial plants typically re-grow each year or lives more than two years, so you don’t have to plant as much or as often.


3) Making Simple Additions
Sometimes making simple changes can make a huge difference in how your backyard looks. Rather than replacing an old chain or wooden fence, you cover it with a new bamboo one. Old tables or umbrellas can be dressed up with Mexican or African thatch for that tropical look. Adding a water feature is another way to add atmosphere and bring harmony to your backyard with the sound of water.

4) Lighting
Your backyard is not just for enjoying sunny days but also calm and alluring nights. Nothing adds mood and ambiance like lighting to highlight your backyard’s most prominent features. You don’t need to expend a big budget to do this. A string of twinkle lights, tiki torches, path lamps, or stationary lamps, when well placed can do the trick.

5) De-Clutter
Though this is number 5 on this list, it is just as equally, if not more important the rest. You can have a beautiful garden with polished furniture and a flowing fountain, but clutter and debris can mask your once immaculate backyard and make it seem old and dull. Spend a day clearing leaves, sweeping the patio, trimming your plants and you’ll be surprised how much detail can be nullified by a mess.

Whether you just need time away from work, or special moments with loved ones, remember that sometimes the best getaway is only a few steps away, that you can create with a small budget and limited time. So next time bring out a refreshing drink or a glass of wine, set up some candles and fresh flowers, take in the air and find some reprieve in your backyard stay-cation.

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