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Creating a Tropical Look Indoors

One of the most frequent questions we get asked on a daily basis is "can I use your tropical decor for indoors?"  Although our popular bamboo products, pottery and thatch items are built to be able to handle the outdoor environment, their function is just as versatile indoors.  Here are some tips on how to create that tropical flare to any room.

Color and Texture
In our past articles we've mentioned that one of the first things before decorating anything or anywhere, you want to establish a color scheme.  Since your aim is a tropical look, you will want natural tones that exist in items such as bamboo, thatch or bamboo rugs and contrast them with bright and bold island colors such as red, yellow, pinks and blues.  Keep in mind that this does not mean to use every bright color palette available, it's best to select a couple and work in variations of each.  Flowers, pottery, and fountains have a magical way of adding color without being overbearing.  Items such as bamboo poles and slats can add texture by acting as moldings along your ceilings and floor.  You can even turn your entire room into one big Tiki hut, by lining a runner roll of thatch along the wall ceilings.

Remember that since you are using neutral tones in your bamboo and thatch, that you want to use a contrasting paint color for your walls.  Dark chocolate browns, blues and greens work wonderfully against neutral tones.

Accents and Details

The easiest way to infuse tropical flare into a room, is through an array of accessories such as Tiki Signs or Tiki Statues.  Although the general idea is to bring out an island look to the space, you want to think about the feeling you want to get from this area.  Various tiki statues promote everything from love, luck, happiness to even protection.  Some individuals prefer to have a relaxing peaceful area that they can escape to in order to have a stay at home vacation.  Others may enjoy a lively room that will play music and entertain company.  Depending on your purpose, your decorating will follow accordingly.

Bamboo panels for your wall with additions of indoor palm trees will help provide that relaxing atmosphere.  For a lively fun area that screams "entertainment", you may want to hang up some Polynesian wall art or tiki signs with fun slogans such as "Tiki Bar, Island Bar, Surf's Up or even Clothing Optional."

So the next time you're in our store or surfing through our website and shopping to create that backyard paradise, have an extra look at items that will help you bring that paradise indoors as well.


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