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Caring for Your Bamboo Fencing

natural bamboo fencing

Bamboo fencing is naturally strong and will also beautifully enhance your area! Although bamboo is durable, like any other material it needs to be treated well. If it is well taken care of, bamboo fencing will last you for an even longer time.

Protection for Bamboo Fencing

Coat the bamboo fence panels generously with a wood protectant such as Total Wood Protection (TWP). What is TWP? TWP is a wood finish that will add a beautiful glossy sheen to your bamboo fencing. Added benefits of using this wood finish is that it will also protect your fencing from harsh outside elements. These detrimental elements include harmful UV rays that could discolor and weaken your bamboo fencing. TWP also adds resistance to moisture and rain. TWP also strengthens the fence so it can withstand elements such as snow, mildew, and abrasion.

total wood protectant light cedar


You can buy two types of TWP depending on the color of your bamboo fencing. For light and natural colored bamboo fencing, go with a cedar colored TWP to enhance the natural color and to protect the fencing. For darker colors such as the black bamboo fencing or mahogany fencing, go with dark oak colored TWP. Apply the wood protectant with a brush and make sure to in between each pole for the ultimate protection. Apply TWP at least once a year so your fencing is properly protected. This will greatly increase the lifespan of your fencing.

Correct Installation Equals Longevity

Installing your bamboo fencing correctly can increase its lifespan. Correctly installed fencing is not only aesthetically pleasing to look at, but the proper alignment will give it a longer life. In-correctly installing fencing will cause the fence panels to lean. This will lead to the wires inside the panels to stretch, thus creating a loose panel with bigger gaps between each pole. Also sometimes the panel can lean on the ground causing the ends to fray which allows destructive moisture, contamination, and other harsh abrasive elements to get in. Install new fencing with proper posts and bottom posts. To learn how to properly install your fencing, please check out this Bamboo Fencing Installation Guide PDF.

Enjoy your gorgeous bamboo fencing for years to come with these tips!

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