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Benefits of Artificial Grass

After a week’s worth of work, weekends are typically thought of as a time to relax, spend time with loved ones or just enjoy the free moments available. Though it seems that with our daily routines and endless lists of errands, weekends seem more about catching up on tasks then relaxing.

The truth is that although your home is an escape and a piece of paradise away from the rest of the world, there is a lot of work that can go into the upkeep especially when it comes to the landscape. Having natural grass as part of your backyard landscape can provide a lot of enjoyable features, but also produce an array of chores in maintenance. Spending weekend mornings lugging out the lawn mower to mow the lawn, worrying about animals digging or pets ruining the landscape are just a few of the many hassles in maintaining a natural grass lawn.

Artificial grass is a growing trend not just for home owners but for professional sports establishments, golf courses, parks, educational institutions and even theme parks. The increase in demand has brought for the production of varying types of grass to satisfy any need and some that look almost identical, if not better, than real grass.

Benefiting the Environment


Driving a low emission vehicle, switching to low energy light bulbs, using re-usable fabric grocery shopping bags and recycling are some of the ways in which many people are “going green”. While there are many additional things that can be done within the home to help the planet, installing artificial grass can create one of the biggest methods of being more eco-friendly, and also saving money. It is said that the emissions from running a lawn mower for an hour is almost the same amount as driving a car for 100 miles. While cars have features and additions to reduce emissions, lawn mowers do not. In addition to emissions, by installing artificial grass, you will no longer need to water the lawn. 30% of water usage goes to sustaining landscapes. By reducing your water usage you are also helping to conserve a natural resource. Another key element is that you will no longer need to use pesticides and fertilizers which can harm animals and sometimes run off into storm drains.

Saving Money

Whenever assessing costs for landscaping and upgrades for the home, one of the biggest things to consider for any modification is the value you are receiving. Although artificial turf may be a larger investment in the beginning, you will get a return on your investment from the money you are saving in the long run. There is the good old saying “Time is Money” which is a very solid truth. The time in maintaining your lawn could be utilized in other activities. In addition to time, you are also saving money on water, energy, and equipment costs. Sprinkler systems are not only expensive but can be laborious to install and repair. You will no longer need to purchase soil, fertilizer, pesticides or require professional landscaping services. Artificial grass is durable and will last lifetimes longer than natural grass.

All Around Benefits

Not only is artificial grass easy to install but it’s also great for kids and pets. Chemicals, grass treatments, fertilizers and pesticides can not only harm insects but also your pets. Also with turf, you no longer have to worry about insects or pests digging up your grass. Pets can take care of their business on the turf, and unlike natural grass, the urine or feces won’t kill or affect the look of the synthetic grass. The grass is permeable so liquids will flow through and can be hosed off. To clean the synthetic grass you can use a blower or hose whenever needed.

Imagine being able to leave on vacation and not have to worry about mowing the lawn or watering it. Your grass can stay green all season long.

Remember, whatever your upgrade or addition to your home may be, always make a plan first and weigh out all your costs, up front and long term, to decide what may have the better investment.

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