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Backyard X-Scapes at the CLCA Industry Show

Last week's CLCA landscape industry trade show was a hit and we wanted to extend our thanks to everyone for stopping by our booth to say hi and entering in our Tiki Bar Contest.  Congratulations to T. Mahlman from LCIS Inc.  on winning, we hope your Tiki Bar has made a tropical paradise out of your home or backyard.

It was spectacular how the Los Angeles convention center was literally transformed by all the exhibits, lush greenery, towering trees and serene water gardens.  In addition to the colorful visuals, the CLCA show offered informative demonstrations on the specifics to tree trimming, building a wall, water conservation and more.  We enjoyed networking and meeting people from different industries and the wealth of knowledge they had to offer when it came to home improvement and landscaping.

We decorated our booth with bamboo fencing, artificial grass, pottery, a tiki bar and 8 ft banners displaying our products and services.  Our TV which had rotating images of projects in which our products were used, was a big hit and sparked a lot of interesting "how to" questions.

The biggest hit was our Tiki Bar contest! Everyone dropped their business cards into a jar and at 2pm on Thursday the cards were transferred to a large box to be efficiently shuffled, then a name was drawn.

Over the two day show, they offered 3 demonstrations that explained the technical aspects that go into tree trimming.

Our booth became the center of a lot of attention and questions especially in regards to our bamboo fencing, pottery and Tiki Bar.

We had a wonderful time meeting with everyone and our updated catalog will be emailed to everyone that requested one very soon.  We look forward to seeing you at the next show and don't forget to check your email or back here frequently to see where we'll be next.

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